Songs & Stories

Here's a sneak preview of a few of the songs included on the release of the
"Every Bit Of Me"
project - available for purchase June 7 on ITunes, Amazon and CD Baby
Writing a song involves the same process as writing a story.  There's a plot with characters and the goal is to tell the tale in such a way as to get the listener to "feel" what's happening.  That's often why we look for songs when we have a certain situation or emotion - it allows us to express ourselves through someone else's words that relate to what's going on.  

The songs I write often tell the stories of people I love, places I long for and events that touch the heart.  I see the world through music and try to channel that feeling into these songs as an invitation to "come on in, put your feet up and feel this along with me".  Sometimes thats a happy feeling and sometimes its a chance to have a good cry together - but even then we often feel better if we can "cry it out" with a friend.